Thank you Raminder for your valuable feedback..

immigration consultants in Gurgaon

Reallly a Nice group , i must say ,,real hardworking, really u get tired but they dont leave there follow ups , it opposite, for other consultant or lawyers you have to run behind them, the day i inroled , the next day the complete team was there with me , Sean/ Mr Robin/ Micky ji / steve /Annie ,,,u want to ask a small question steadly all will advisce you in the group formed by them,,,As a enterpenure lots of questions come in our mind and we also do get puzzled by us or outside ,,,,
but the real thing is they all stood in good and bad time , any problem u r welcome thats the answer ,This is the best group i went 1000 of consultant all want to sell Lmia to earn money later were are u no one cares. with civs and conoscope u r really in safe hand ,,,,
know they are like a dear freind too me ,not consltants ,i never look time ever to call them and i know once i call i will hear a sweet voice ” sir how can i help u” no one will do so here,,,.genelly i tell other consultant will put 5,000 to 10,000$ in pocket & wont respond back even to your calls

and i really say u are in safe hands with them . As an entrepreneur i understand your felling that why i m putting this message ,,,,in end i must say they are a group with heart ,,understand ur problem more than money,,,,,,God bless them